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Lip 14 Venta Protesix / Kazumoto Endo - 寝取られ同人誌一覧 / L'Otto Gennaio Duemilasei Photobucket Photobucket
Split heart shaped 8-inch polycarbonate lathe cut
Manufactured By Peter King In New Zealand
Ltd Edition of 23 copies
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mercoledì 18 gennaio 2012


LIP 13
Apophallation - Popular Music For No Purpose Cd-r
Harsh noise recorded between 2008 and 2011, a stream of audio for your brains.
Release in pink DVD-case with photo inlay.
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mercoledì 4 novembre 2009

Next releases:
LxVxTx - Per voi tutto il mio odio 2xCd-r
Daruin - Yes. Ok. Ok. Ok. Cd-r
Hardcore Biscuit - Second Virgin Cd-r
Maci-Baxon - Maxi-Bacon Cd-r
Gelo Express - Tape


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LIP 14
Venta Protesix/Kazumoto Endo - 寝取られ同人誌一覧 / L'Otto Gennaio Duemilasei
Split heart shaped 8-inch polycarbonate lathe cut
Manufactured by Peter King in New Zealand.
Limited Edition of 23 Copies.
Lip 14 - 2012

LIP 13
Apophallation - Popular Music For No Purpose Cd-r
Harsh noise recorded between 2008 and 2011, a stream of audio for your brains.
Release in pink DVD-case with photo inlay.
Lip 13 - 2012

LIP 12
N./Ampconstrictor - Necronia (dedicated to marco corbelli) Cd-r
Six audio transpositions inspired by the collages of Marco Corbelli made under the moniker of Marco Rotula.
Eight pages jewel case with the inedited collages of Corbelli.
Lip 12 - 2011

LIP 11
Venta Protesix - Depraved girls with premaxillary hyperdontia - 7"
This record is dedicated to all these girls with little dental problems and to the little boys devastated by their hormones.
The four tracks should be listened in a domestic background preferably in front of your computer in utter solitude after having decided not to go out with your friends who are already out in the street looking for a cunt to fuck like every night.
Graphic by Medusazzz.
Lip 11 - 2011

LIP 10
Venta Protesix/Vomir - Squirting Humiliation - Yellow 7"
Cover art by tisbor
Lip 10 - 2010

LIP 09
Hardcore Biscuit - Half girl half biscuit - Cd-r
Today is july 30th and is my boyfriends birthday. I'm sitting in a cafe reading a book called Asatte no Hito by Tetsushi Suwa. The fresh green cover with a no-human-like unidentified being on. With a feeling of delirium, i go... what the hell is the book about? Curiosity always makes you big. Read the book if you have a chance though i'm not sure if its translated in any other languages. Whoever doesnt have it cant understand. POMPA!!!!!!!!!!!! po po po po popppppompaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Anybody sometimes screams the hell out to be Asatte Man. Don't try to compress it. Don't be oppressed. Be a lean. Bend it. Stoop. To distorted directions that you prefer. That way this way ther other way backwords upside down etc. Remove the straightness that stops your way. Keep the straightness that leads your way. Turn off. Step off. Back off. Fuck off. Become a come-off. Get rusty. Screech it out. Squeeze it out. Swallow it and spit it out. Flabbergast it. Be lachrymose like me. Get the ulcer out. SKOAL! SALUT! Make a skyward move. Slam bang! Don't be wacked out, whippersnapper. Don't get wheedled nor dejected. Find some that killingly obesseses you. Volteface. Arigatooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Cover art by Tisbor
Lip 09 - 2010

LIP 08
Uterozzzaaa - Rush - C30 Red
Ultra weird, extra-fast and beyond crazy industrial/electro/punk/noise from Osaka, Japan
Lip 08 - 2010

LIP 07
Venta Protesix - Painful sexual perversion - Pink 7"
Extreme and obsessive computer music hitting against the most sick and estranging harsh noise. Digital isolationism to its purest state. Anxiety, fear, life sickness and sexual perversions will fling on you while listening.
We all have more or less hidden perversions and Venta Protesix has an obsession for dental problems and imperfections. Please play this disease loud while having extreme sex with your partner or while masturbating in the dark of your little room downloading warped pornography from the internet.
No analogic music
Lovely cover art by Nicola Vinciguerra.
Lip 07 - 2010

LIP 06
Maximillian I - Double anal fantasy - LP
Echoes from the bottom of a compressor-sink. Voices of moles in a choking howl. Harmonic hoots breed syncopated rythms. A movement of sturdy sounds play arpeggio-beaten hits, confused calls but conscious of the time that speeds dreamy slide shows. Drum rolls in the heart of the dragon who rise himself from the compressor-sink to blow a breathe dense with sidereal deserts. In trying to corrode the sink's circle, the dragon bangs in a myriad of shocks that vibe like an infernal screech. Like a vibrato magic carpet, the sky seems a huge meat forehead who catches on fire and releases hisses which extend vocalises of chained in brambles of sun. The emphasis breaks down in the urge of an apocalyptic saying. Following wakes of words in the middle of the tongue, you get a great organic contraction. Alarms invade the brain with "green nerves". The earth is a metal platform which burns in the bones and moves the city woods. Electric branches expand in the houses. From the wc, like "Enormous black nails", baits explode. To the tune of divine scents in instrumental intervals, protracted in snouts of cymbals pierced by free tinkles, they hang the just lapidated souls. It is a sonic call that survives with loop rumbles to evoke adjurations of stilts-rattles
Lip 06 - 2011

LIP 05
Gastric Female Reflex - Plays the music of alan antfarm - White 7"
Alan Ant Farm is an American alternative rock band that formed in the southern California city of Riverside in 1995.
Their name comes from an idea original guitarist Terry Corso had about alans and the earth--"I was daydreaming at my dull desk job with my feet up, and I thought to myself, 'Wouldn't it be cool if the human species were placed on earth and cultivated by alan intelligence?' Maybe the alans added us to an atmosphere that was suitable for us, and they've been watching us develop and colonize, kind of like what a kid does with an ant farm.
Gastric Female Reflex cover the music of Alan Ant Farm.
Lip 05 - 2009

LIP 04
Venta Protesix - Complexed - CD
12 tracks of insane and perverse digital noise realized between 2007-2009, composed with max/msp and supercollider.
Schizophrenic and maniacal sounds born out of a sick mind.
An intense and tough trip into the paranoias of this laptop composer.
Extreme frequencies with obsessive and repetitive sounds that will procure you severe headaches and annoying lachrymation.
Jewel case with art by Rano?
No analogic music.
Lip 04 - 2009

LIP 03
Maximillian I/Mugu guymen - Split - C30 Violet
A sensational split on cassette between two of the most interesting bands of obliq-noise currently in circulation, Mugu Guymen from United States and Maximillian I from Italy.
Obscene texts, savage screams and graceless sounds are the ingredients of this little masterpiece that will slip into your nose like a good dose of speed.
Lip 03 - 2009

LIP 02
PPP - EROterismo - C20 Green
EROterismo is a secret erotic ritual, reserved for an elite of zonked erotomaniacs, in which PPP reveals in confidence the hidden alchemical formula of occult eroticism. Starting with a ritual of initiation, the path of awareness of the adept (the listener) is to overcome severe trials: walls of sound, garbled delirious spells and distorted mantric-obsessive litanies. The whole rite ends with a ceremony of purification, that allows the adept (the listener) to get to full knowledge and can deliver all its primeval erotic spark.
Lip 02 - 2009

LIP 01
Harshcore/Adrien Barbobott - Split - Purple 7"
On one side the Harshcore, an italian weird noise band from Biella and on the other side the ungraceful and aggressive sound by Adrien Barbobott aka Kristin Calvarese, a young american girl from Atlanta devoted to the most insane noise.
Two powerful and fierce tracks that won't fall short of your expectations.
Lip 01 - 2009

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